Waste Management Training Programme


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Main full programme commencing in  September 2018 beginning on 11th September 2018


The Waste Management Training Programme has been developed by Environmental Training Solutions and is designed to meet the training and certification needs of Local Authority and private sector staff involved at all levels of waste management.  It provides a broad range of skills training on waste from legislation through to technology and management techniques. The programme is based on a series of six training modules, and assessment is an integral part of each module. It is recognised by the Environmental Protection Agency as a suitable alternative to the FAS Waste Management Training Programme.

Waste  Facility Permit Holder Training Programme  


Tullamore Court Hotel


This one day programme is aimed at facility permit holders and their staff who are responsible for the day to day operation of their waste facility permit or certificate of registration site.  The course gives an understanding of the legislation and the requirements placed on permit holders.  The course will also deal with the relevant legislation, the application, review and renewal process.  Record keeping, use of EWC codes and the production of the Annual Environmental Report will be dealt with in detail during the training.  Delegates will receive a comprehensive reference manual and copies of the relevant Irish Regulation and extract from the Consolidated Waste Management Act.  

Waste  Collection Permit Holder Training Programme 


Tullamore Court Hotel,


The Waste Collection Permit Holder Training Programme has been developed by ETS to
meet the training and certification needs of Waste Collectors and supporting administrative staff. It identifies key responsibilities arising from the Waste Management Acts and associated regulations and compliance with Permit conditions.


The programme will assist operators with the key elements of complying with a collection permit and explain the role of EWC codes and waste acceptance. 




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