Environmental Training Solutions draws on a range of trainers to deliver programmes. We not only select the best industry experts available, but insist that our trainers can provide high quality interesting and interactive training. We believe that participants should enjoy the learning experiences with us and look forward to them returning to further courses. We try to ensure this by carefully selecting accomplished trainers who receive high levels of positive feedback. We list a few of our key trainers for current programmes.

Andrew Moag:

Andrew has been working in environmental management since 1990 and is a recognised international expert in waste and water management. He is a Chartered Waste Manager trough CIWM.  He has been training environmental professionals since 1998 and has delivered much of the waste management legislation training for regulators, companies and individuals during EPA and FAS programmes throughout this time. Andrew is owner and director of both AMC Environmental Ltd, a waste and environmental consultancy and ETS. His expertise is broad based and he continues to work on projects as diverse as site investigation to policy and legilsation development. Andrew has developed a detailed understanding of environmental legislation and regulations across both Ireland and the UK.   He delivers training for industry and regualtors and acts as an expertise witness in district and high court cases.  

Heather Loughlin:

Heather is a practising waste management consultant with over 20 years experience working for her own company Fraoch Environmental Consulting. She has developed a range of programmes on waste and water.   Heather specialises in waste communication and IEMA environmental management systems. Heather is lead trainer for the Waste Facility Operatives Training Programme.

Vip Patel:

Vip is an experienced trainer and waste and environmental professional with over 20 years operational, training and consultancy experience. He has extensive experience in all aspects of work concerned with integrated waste management projects, including policy development, feasibility and strategic studies, market intelligence and assessment. He is a highly experienced environmental trainer and communicator and believes in strong links with government, regulators and industry to achieve sustainable environmental solutions. Vip has developed programmes in Healthcare waste management, Biological and Thermal treatment, EMS and Construction and Demolition Waste management.

Billy Moore:

Billy has worked in the area of environment and engineering for over 38 years. His career has included over 26 years in local government where he held a range of posts culminating in Director of Environmental Services and County Engineer. Billy has 20 years experience in solid waste management and has specialised in Regional Waste planning, technology selection and facility operation and management. In 2003 Billy left public service and set up BMC as a personal consulting company. He has continued to work in the area of waste and environment and is an acknowledged lead trainer on programmes such as Site Suitability, Water Protection, Waste Disposal, Waste Planning and Nutrient management. Billy has also run courses on EIA and Strategic Environmental Impact assessments.


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